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State Bar Consumer Education Pamphlets
Over twenty helpful pamphlets available online on many subjects; e.g., Finding a Lawyer, Estate Planning, Small Claims Court, Renting, Arrests, Crime Victims, Jury Duty, Auto Accidents, Elder Abuse, Turning 18, and more

Small Claims Court is a good option for claims of $10,000 or less.  Get started here.  Or here (Los Angeles Superior Court) 

LAHelpCare.Org is a terrific legal self-help resource and a place where you may find pro bono help, if eligible.

Law & Legal Information (Case Law, Articles, Blogs etc)

California Consumer Rights in Electronic Fund Transfers

California Unclaimed Property Search
The State of California is currently in possession of more than $6.1 billion in Unclaimed Property belonging to approximately 17.6 million individuals and organizations. Site allows you to search State database.

Civil Judgment Marketplace
Have not had an opportunity to use yet, but could be valuable resource — allows you to buy or sell a civil judgment

Want to know more about your judge? Try here: The Robing Room here: Judgepedia or here: RobeProbe 


Information on Elder Abuse

California Intestacy Rules
What happens without Estate Planning?

Social Security Quiz
AARP True or False Quiz.  Find out your full retirement age: here.

Banking Information
Good question and answer format about bank accounts, certificates of deposit and the like.  Very useful for estate and trust administration.


Landlord-Tenant Problems
Problem with your landlord? Problem with a tenant? Useful guide.  Also California Tenants: A Guide to Residential Tenants’ and Landlords’ Rights and Responsibilities. 

California Consumer Guide to Home Improvement Contracts

Preventing Home Improvement Fraud

California Homeowners Bill of Rights: Foreclosures


After DOMA: What It Means


DMV Answer Man

DUI Checkpoints
Good source of information on current checkpoints.  Or follow @DUICheckpointCA.  Of course the best advice is Designated Driver or Taxi!

Inmate Locator
Locate California Inmates

California DMV Rules of the Road
Need to refresh your knowledge of California Rules of the Road in anticipation of taking DMV test? DMV videos.  And  Sample tests here.

Find an Attorney for your Traffic Ticket
New site.  Have not used myself.  Allows you to upload your traffic ticket in search of a lawyer who will represent you.


South Bay View Ordinances
Re/Max resource re local view restrictions (if any)

Hermosa Beach E-Notifications
Receive email notices re Council, Commission and other City actions; including oil project

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