Commercial Transactions

Redondo Beach commercial transactions attorneyAre you interested in purchasing, selling, or forming a business?  Are you about to enter into a lease for commercial space?  Do you have a need to document relationships with your partners, vendors or customers?  If so, you should consult with attorney familiar with documenting commercial transactions.

Entity formation

Whether you are forming or dissolving a business, or your company is large or small, making the right decisions as you proceed is vital. Tom Moroney will work closely with you to:

  • Choose a business structure that is right for your needs.
  • Draft bylaws and operating procedures and agreements, develop legally sound contracts, and create other documents to help your business operate efficiently and successfully.
  • Ensure that your business is in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Develop a plan for financing your business.
  • Find other professionals to develop strategies for dealing with business taxes.

Tom Moroney knows that even after you form your business and begin operation, inevitably changes become necessary. He will provide legal assistance when such matters arise.

Finally, most businesses do not endure indefinitely. If a time comes when you need to dissolve your business, Tom Moroney  will assist you with developing a strategy for doing so that minimizes tax and other financial consequences.

Commercial real estate transactions

Even small businesses need to consider their real estate needs. When a business grows it is often necessary to move or acquire additional building space. Whether you are just forming your company or need to build a new corporate headquarters, Tom Moroney has the knowledge and background to help.

There are specific local, state, and federal laws governing the purchase and maintenance of commercial real estate. Tom Moroney not only emphasizes such matters in his practice; he lives locally and has spent years  providing legal help to businesses in the area. He will not only help you through the purchasing process, but work with you to understand how best to anticipate your longer term real estate needs.

Redondo Beach commercial transactions attorney can help

Tom Moroney has the breadth of legal knowledge and experience to help. Call today to arrange a consultation

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